Sugarcane Butterflies

Over the tarred road lies a land we seldom search
of whispering winds through sugarcane hills,
spills of sunlight chilled on butterfly wings
carrying me graciously through the open space
as my heart’s bass beats to the insects sound…
the freedom of the hills is unbound, wild
like the sunflower’s yellow to the sky
trickled water marks over the dry stream bed
out here…
even the dead is still alive.
Sugarcane butterflies of mad colours bristle
through the breeze that whistles around my limbs
as whims of flying invade my soul…
persuade my heart to melt out into the day
and rediscover what it is to play…without dwell
Earth’s love swells and grows my mind,
finds that sparkle that finds my smile
as I am left fertile in the land that surrounds.
Noises of the tarred road are drowned by the depth,
by the breath of the tree leaves that rustle,
the birds that bustle about the deep, green valley,
vitality, out here, is rich like pure honey without dime
just life…
just time existing as it should
could this be magic misunderstood.
Sugarcane butterflies…
you make me love more.

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