I fall asleep to the sound of the ocean
confined in my mind behind these concrete walls
sounds of the age elevate my soul, life lives in these lyrics.
Delirious and delicately beautiful, night falls
and wraps up the world in a blanket of sleepy shadows,
colourlessly calm beneath dark heavens I listen,
and she delivers…untamed
an orchestra of earth’s surrender.
I, a part of her, breathe open my heart
and surrender so…
Infatuated with night’s love, hollow and bold
she weaves her tones between he vines
of new and old, across my spine…
her divine waves of echo wash over mine
And I am high…
Behind these concrete walls I hear her outside
effortlessly crashing on moon lit shores,
her home far stretched beyond my time.
Entwined in her weave my eyes see closed
through man-made curtains of disguise.
Like a rose she is rich with royal colours
sweetly embedded in my mind.
Her sounds break through these concrete walls
and I surrender so, delirious and delicately beautiful
I surrender so…


  1. hey I like your style I’d love to meet

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