I fade away in tears this twilight
as my fears sense the blackening sky,
the elusive night choking the presence of day.
I hide alone in my cellar,
drunk with the stench of my own odor…
wrenched up between “filthy” thoughts.
You crush me beneath your sweaty palm
as you lurk in your soundless shadows
that carve away the decency of my “sickening” mind.
Infested they say it is,
fizzled with rot…
drizzled with uncharmly things.
I curse them with my numb tongue…
these dirty bastards,
I cleanse them with my salivate mouth.
Perhaps I taste the sour life in their veins,
Insane I suck the soul from their weak bodies
to fill my own with another man’s thoughts.
I kiss their wicked lips…
That red evidence of my crime,
allow them to taste their own death…
As they too fade away in tears this twilight.

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