Mary Jayne’s Blood

Pink elephant’s and little white kitten’s fill my head with joy,
I feel like a little girl playing with her favorite toy.
Up and down the jungle gym and round and round the merry-go-round,
It feels like my heart is going to burst because for these few second’s
I own all the joy and happiness in this great big universe,
But what goes up must come down, like little fairies, the Virgin Mary
and the feeling of being ‘Oh so sublime’
It’s coming from inside, it’s eating me alive.
Read me a story so I can go to bed about the little princess who wishes she was dead.
Dead like you, dead like me, dead like all the people her blood shot eyes can see.
Big green eyes, long blonde hair, bloody wrists and a black stone heart,
‘To my dearest child’ it read, ‘I fear it’s time to part. With bloody hands, the world is your canvas. Let them see your blood, let them see your soul, let them see the gaping hole I’ve left inside your heart.’

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