Fading into dark

I look in the mirror
and I see YOUR face.
You stare back at me
with deeply haunted eyes
All I have are fragments of memories
that replay in my mind…
I feel the heat creep up my neck,
it travels to my eyes and rests,
brimming on my eyelids.
I close my eyes,
trying to keep them from spilling.

I see a faint shadow,
it beckons me further away.
The shadow distracts me
to the point of insanity,
where I no longer see reality
yet still continue on aimlessly.
I am trapped in another realm,
another level of consciousness.
I cannot allow myself
to venture into the darkness
for I shall not return unscathed.

Which option do I choose?
Do I leave the dam wall to
slowly crack under the mounting pressure
finally bursting it’s walls, water covering me,
slowly seeping into my lungs, choking me,
filling me until I sink to the bottom…
or do I voluntarily open the floodgates,
releasing the power and drowning me instantly…?


  1. Beautiful

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