My love for you

The passage of time improves the quality of wine
The same applies for my love for you
My love for you deepens with the rise of the sun
The moon and stars will gladly testify to confirm that
what I feel for you is infinite
My love for you cannot be calculated, not because of its abstract nature,
but because a word that gives justice to my feelings have not yet been invented-
for a descriptive measure such as a light-year is too small to make an accurate assumption of the value of my love for you
Galaxies can occupy the space between us,
yet you’ll still feel the warmth of my love
For my love for you knows no boundaries, nothing can prohibit my love not even death
Even when beauty fades and passion subsides I will still look at you with the very same eyes
Time might mutilate and diminish your love for me…..but my love for you will survive the brutal seasons of this world

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