A Set I won’t forget…

Must I bathe you in clouds of sulphur?
Can I comb your blonde hair with barbed wire?
Will you let me decorate you with towers of death?
May I just look at you through the smoke?

You, eternal sunshine, cannot shine through the thick smoke,
And I, mere earth, am seeking your glinting rays.
The world, drowning in oil and smoke, cannot see your virtue and kindness,
For 15 foot cold concrete, mortar and bricks are all too greedy.

Must I feel your pain?
Can I help carry your burden?
Will I ever see your face again?
May it be a set I won’t ever forget?

The night, evil and cold, is taking your place.
And mankind will forget your face.
But when you have passed on to the universe,
All of mere earth shall weep and fall.


  1. An unusual, beautiful, and intense read!

  2. thank you very much! its hard to get approval foor one’s work these days… i will be posting more in some time!

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