Until Forever Lives Unopened…

Love came and Love ran
as fast as a violent wind.
These pensive euphoric thoughts,
seemed to have birthed the omen within.
Feasting on visions of the white veil;
Will his heart stop?
But Love came crashing down;
And it was my heart that stopped.
Devoured in seconds
like a scavenging vulture;
With all our hopes and dreams lying
like scattered debris along the roadside.

It was sudden and it was tragic;
It wrenched my heart and it tore my soul,
As Forever quickly faded into nothingness…

Seated at the table of his first touch;
Will my soul explode?
But Love was never born.
Exceeding the dictates of coldness
And morbid excuses;
As distant as the fascination of
a directionless ship;
No compass. No North Star.
A shadow. A smiling imposter.
Blinded by his pretentious rays,
I kissed Love’s cruel counterfeit;
And Deception the mighty ruler reigned.

And I am the one who missed your voice;
And I am the one who will love the one who’s unloved;
Soaked in healing rain;
The glass will mend while the cracks remain;
And I am the one who stores you away,
And there you will lurk sealed and safe
Until Forever lives unopened

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