Failure is Success

Allow me to try and fail but not fail to try
Aim high but not yet reach the skyline
Even thou things may not go right, bright days turn into dark night
Il keep growing strong till I find my armoured knight.

I wont give up
As tears stream down like on my window pane
I wont let my thoughts go astray
I will take another chance, another leap of faith
Until this dream of mine is uncaged

Even when life throws its twists and turns
Through pitfalls and sea saws, there are things on learns
Il persist on even as the pace seem slow
As I know success will come within another blow

Success is failure turned inside out
It will come after I conquer my doubts
Break free and take on a new lease on life
For failure is just success wrapped up tight

So allow me to try and fail but not fail to try
Because soon I will reach the skyline
As things go right and each day is a bit bright
I will stand tall and be that armoured knight.

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