Who Am I?

Ask me who M I and
I will pop, my eyes and
Stutle like, I’ve been
Pointed with a Gun,
Right at my back Bone
And my Gut will be telling
Me that God, is Watching
Over the beset me.

Between and beside,
Those, who know me, I will
Never be able to define
The inside executed,
Cold-blooded, code of
What I really consist of.
I take words from others, intergrade
Them to form a revelation
Of what is me, that is not real.

I Coast upon my faith,and
Delight over others mistakes,
Ia|m not innocent , M just
Surrounded by mercy,
That keeps striving me
To trail me to the right track,
Though I feel like sometime
Life has grudges over me
And I’ve never hurt the
Universe or cursed God
But I find it difficult to
Believe that I am also
Loved like the children. Of

I’ve never had the audacity
To define who M I, I cannot,
Point out,, many successful,
Stories, I’ve encountered, since
I saw myself in the mirror,
I’ve always found myself, ashamed
Of what I uncover beneath the towel.

Who M I, its just a question
I cannot take upon, myself,
I’d rather sit-dead in my
Room and have the walls, closing
Up on me, painting themselves blue than speaking senseless Words
To fill my void.

I’ve always fall short, of decorated,words,
I can explain myself, my flaws, always
Flare, when I am around a spirit, and I
M afraid that fame will destroy me. And take
Me back to the mud-house that
I was born at..iam not fortunate
To lay my hands in the fire and
Resist the pain.

Who M I, ke santse ke le ka. Go
Fumana karabo, maybe I might find
Myself inbetween my granfathers
Tales. He used to share
When we gather around
The fire. I cannot,
Change the world, because I don’t
Know, much about it. But if
You hold, my hand and walk with me
Step, by step, I will be able to rediscover and
Define the inside me. I will be able to
Tell a word, without, shining, and laughing
My shame aways, struggling, to maintain, the infuse Peace within my pain.

I cannot say who m I, M still
Fixing the blister, and building,
My confidence, so when I see the
Ocean, I will not be intimidated, by how far it, flows and float on the ground, I’ve not
Yet reached the point, where I can say this
Is the finishing line, but everyday becomes
A race that sometimes result in pain.

I choose to be distant from
The questions, that makes me Isolated,
When intergtated, the stars and kings
Can shine hard, that even my light can not
Be able to stand in the bright. There is a
Leak, between my faith and words, so
I laze unto my silence that takes me
To a place, that I will work for 6 days and
Rest in the 7day and lift up my strength.
Then asked who M I , I’ll tell them, I am Gods best Made. I am who God says I am. This is who I am

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