Love Without You Just Ain’t The Same

I have you on my mind;

Can’t shake this feeling no matter how hard I try;

Even if my mind reminds my heart about all the tears you once made me cry;

It doesn’t change this love I still feel deep inside;


Yet I know the differerence between wrong and right;

I just can’t stop myself from missing you late at night;

And when I wake, that old lonesome feeling catches me off guard and takes my heart by surprise;

I force myself to forget, but my stubborn heart just misses you even more each time;


When I close my eyes then you flood my mind;

And if  by chance I forget and have a little peace;

Our song comes on the radio and I start missing what used to be;

Tell me will this feeling ever leave?


Or like Asthma is it an uncureable condition that without warning makes it hard to breath?

If I knew I’d miss you so much girl, I’d have begged you to stay;

But I didn’t so I let you slip away;

It’s a memory that’s become a regret that never goes away;


Playing like a broken record, a song I can’t change;

So after all the love I’d had since us, I’ve found that without you love just ain’t the same

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