Warrior Of Freedom (Dedicated To Nelson Mandela)

Warrior of freedom;

Angel wings hidden and remain unseen;

Born to set a bound nation free;

Who fought endless struggles just for you and me;


The epitimy of strength, love and humility;

Who’s eyes never saw race, colour or creed;

Who went to jail when he wasn’t even guilty;

Who would do that for another human bieng?;


I’ve been in jail and that ain’t the life for me;

I could never accomplish what he effortlessly achieved;

He endured struggles I’ve only seen in my worst dreams;

He showed us all what real unity is;


Nelson Mandela, thank you for freedom’s gift;

Finally you have found peace;

Even though it’s you, we as a nation will forever miss;

It’s the peace you fought for, earned and you deserve it;


So think of us as you enter Heaven;

And God welcomes you with these words “Well done my good and faithful servant”

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