Fallen Stars

When one legend dies;
Another star is on the rise;
Cause true legends never die;
They only multiply;

Madiba and 2pac were fallen stars;
And I’m a morning star on the rise;
I’m not claiming to be them, no, they were living Kings;
I’m only claiming to be me;

A mortal man with a possibility;
I’m here to change the world’s twisted views and flip the game with epic verses;
With poetry never heard;
Real poets are born and don’t need to try;

I write poems in 10 minutes without effort, it’s just a part of my everyday life;
Like breathing and blinking my eyes;
I don’t do this for money or fame, but to impact the world before my demise;
I speak the truth with every line;

If you like it or not I’m only fooling myself if I lie;
If I live to impress people how will I explain this to God when I die;
And I meet Him in Heaven’s frontline?;
I’m only using the gift He game gave me before I was even alive;

And exited my mother’s womb with tears in my eyes;
You can’t buy respect, it’s earned;
You can’t study wisdom, with struggles it’s learnt;
I had bridges, but it’s my choices they up in smoke and burnt;

I lost too many years focused on the past;
Chasing loving cause I never got enough love from my dad;
Hoping if I chase it, love would last;
But it didn’t matter, that shit ended way too fast;

I’m not a legend yet, but at least I’m trying to change this shit;
The world’s ways, I’m sick of it;
So all I can say before I die is I tried;
Cause when you see one star fall out the sky, just keep in mind another one is on the rise

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