Betrayed, My Cold Ways Explained

People can’t understand my cold ways;

So let me take a moment to explain;

Bullet holes in my soul left me tattared and scarred;

I trusted those I kept close and they betrayed my heart;


The lies they fed me was the underlying cause;

Nigga’s I considered brother’s were backstabbers and pretenders,it’s their fault;

Mamma keeps asking will I ever change;

I say yeah but it’s clear I’ll always be the same;


She lost her little boy, I can see the sadness in her eyes;

Her mind flooded with questions of why;

Not even her fault but she ended up with the consequences;

All because of the enemies that I once called friends;


Lately I trust no one and respect few;

Nobody seems to understand my point of view;

They say I’m heartless and don’t care;

They avoid me in fear of my cold stare;


I never chose this, life’s just unfair;

I’m not asking for sympathy;

Now it’s far too late for you to care about me;

I’m a result of cursed seed;


Just another thug nigga raised by the street;

I ain’t mad, it’s what made me;

I took all the bullshit and flipped it for my benifit;

I took the curses and turned them to blessings;


If I could I wouldn’t change a thing;

The friends I met along the way;

Are the few that made the dark days easier to take;

So to my dogg’s I salute you for never walking away;


No I don’t need a book full of friends to be happy;

I know who I am and I ain’t afraid to be lonely;

It’s safer to ride solo;

People can’t be trusted, most are selfish and cold;


So i’d rather be on my own;

Nigga’s who threw me aside and regarded me a nothing;

Now hitting me up trying to be my best friend;

I got one question, Where were you when I need you back then?;


Now that I’ve made it;

You want to be my associate;

But it’s too late;

You should have seen my potential before you chose to underestimate;


You thought you broke me and that I’d never rise;

But you only bruised me and opened up my eyes;

You were my motivation;

The pain you caused me is now my inspiration;


I thought I needed you just to survive;

When it was you who tried to end my life;

Nigga’s I called friends tried to jack me;

So fuck peace, you chose to be my enemy;


Those who don’t understand my cold ways;

I’m a result of someone who was betrayed;

So before you judge me by the cold stares on my face;

Take time to understand the reasons I’ve just explained

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