Change Came Even If It Came Late (Dedicated To Kirsten)

Since the first day we met and locked eyes;

I knew you were going to change my life;

Beauty like yours I still have to find;

Such perfection I’ve never seen and it blew my mind;


You stole away the morning star’s shine;

I couldn’n’t believe you were mine;

You were so out of my league;

But yet you fell for me;


What do you do when you aren’t ready for God’s blessing;

He answered my prayers when He sent you, an answer I wasn’t expecting;

I was so used to waiting;

I thought God stopped listening;


When we started dating I was expecting another dissapointment;

I prepared myself for another heart break;

That’s why I never gave you my heart right away;

I was on the defensive just in case;


No matter how you tried, you couldn’t get me to fall in love the same;

Plus I was still damaged and a prisoner of my yesterdays;

I didn’t want to tell you in fear of you walking away;

I couldn’t rise from one more heart break;


I tried to make it work but my heart was in another place;

Instead of love I hurt you and left tear stains on your face;

Crying to God, pleading for Him to help me change;

You couldn’t understand why I was doing you that way;


I wasn’t sure myself, I was broken with and just trying to subside the pain;

Slowly our love started to fade;

You held on out of sympathy and through the hurt stayed;

You knew about my past and you didn’t want to do me the same;


Until it got too much and you walked away;

I admit you took my heart with you that cold march day;

I tried to get you back but I managed to push you further away;

It’s been years since and I’ve never heart another girl again;


Didn’t want to miss another angel like you just in case she came my way;

God heard your cries for me to change;

I’ve become who you wanted me to be back in the day;

Change came even if It came too late;


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