Praises Sent To The Sky

Jesus, He loves me more than He should;

He looks past all the bad things that I do;

As I look upon His face;

All I can see is mercy accompanied by grace;


A love that never seems to fade;

That washes all my guilt away;

Goodness that surpass all understanding;

And relentless faithfulness everlasting;


He has never failed me once;

Even when I fail Him, He always welcomes me back like the prodical son;

He blesses me as though it’s a must;

He has made me fall in love with Him because of all His unconditional love;


Even before I know that I’m in trouble, He sends help from up above;

There’s something about His name;

Like the sweet fragrance after the rain;

So I send praises on high;


Just to see Him smile;

Because before I ever called Him Father, He called me child.

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