Until I Loved 7.11.84

You were my very first love;

Who knew after bieng years apart I’d still miss us;

Even though you hurt me so;

And I was forced to let you go;


I still don’t know why we fell apart;

Was it mine or your fault;

We are now just distant friends;

When I wish we could be more again;


When we meet by chance I have to pretend;

That I’m fine since you left;

When in truth memories flood my mind whenever I hear “Never Gonna Leave Your Side”, by Daniel Beddingfield;

I remember buying you that cd;


Never thinking a month later you would leave me;

People say I could do much better;

But they never loved you so I don’t care;

Your personality is one of a kind;


Can’t seem to find another like it, girl I’ve tried;

Life experience has made me wise;

Wish we could meet again and I could erase me from your mind;

And we could have another try;


I know we can make it work this time;

You feel different;

I tried so many times to change your mind but you refused to listen;

You have the qualities of a mother, most work to earn in a lifetime you were born with it;


I always complimented you on this;

It’s the little things you did that I miss;

I wish things didn’t end like it did;

I should have left you alone when you said we were through;


But I was young, you were my first and only love so I never knew;

I thought by chasing after you;

Would show you my love for you is true;

I should have walked away;


Maybe you would have come back someday;

We were both young, foolish mistakes we both made;

Both of us were to blame;

No matter who I loved my love for you never changed;


Nothing could extinguish this flame;

In my heart you still remain;

Although I don’t call as much as I used too;

It’s only because you made it clear you don’t feel like I do;


Chasing faded love would only make me a fool;

Even though I play it off and act cool;

Like I’m over me and you;

I still love you;


7.11.84, you are still the one my heart beats for;

I may not show it, but I wish yours would be the next call;

Even if I’m sure you don’t feel anything for me anymore;

I’m pushing pride aside and I’m letting you know you still have the key to my hearts door;


I never knew love until I loved 7.11.84



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