I’m Enduring This Pain And Tears For The Youth

Lately I have leaving on my mind;

Wanting to return to my birth place in the sky;

Pain and tears I’ve had more than my share and it made me wise;

But I know I’m still young and have a misson that needs completion;


So my every move has to be a calculated decision;

Too many people are depending on me to heal their pain within;

That’s why I’m always staying on my grind and never giving in;

I’m writing these poems everyday and late nights just for you, that’s my sole reason;


I love all my people and live to set them free;

From all their scars and past memories;

So they can make the best of every breath they have left;

I endured struggles young so I could help the broken and educate the rest;


I’m not a king or claiming to be one of the best;

I just wrote God’s exams on life and passed all the tests;

It took me 10 years to finally learn all this;

Time wasted are now daily regrets of past times I can’t get back and  miss;


Regrets are a prison within you, I want you all to understand this;

A prison you never escape from and it’s a 25 to life sentence;

Cause you can’t run away from your own soul;

So those regrets follow you wherever you go;


This is what parents should do;

Instead of protecting kids from life, tell them the truth;

And teach our youth about the mistakes they made and the pain they’ve been through;

So they can be smarter than life and not be blind youth;


We need to educate our kids on the issues of life even if they have school;

So when they meet life they won’t get ran through;

When trials come, cause they will, they will know what to do;

So even though I have leaving on my mind, I’ll endure the pain and tears for the youth;


I sacrifice my soul for every one of you, this was never about me, it’s about love and I love all of you.

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