So Easy To Praise

Ever since the day we first met I just haven’t been the same;

I fell in love with You because You allowed room for change;

And even if my life’s story is based on mistakes;

Getting saved was the best decision I’ve ever made;


It’s not about the start, but it’s about the finish that matters in any race;

Where the world writes me off You give me never ending mercy and grace;

Before I fall You run to my aid;

Without a second thought You part the clouds and never once do You hesitate;


The smallest things You do puts the biggest smile on my face;

I’m still trying to change my ways;

Anyone else would have given up on me and thrown me away;

But there You are still changing me stage by stage;


I’m a sinful man and refuse to shift the blame;

My sins are the reason You left Your throne and came;

Your depth is far to hard to explain;

Troubles fade just at the mention of Your Name;


To see your smile through the sun upon Your face;

Is the reason You’re so easy to praise;

Not a thing I’ve been through would I ever want to change;

So thank You for all the tears, lonely nights and pain;


That is the reason You’re so easy to praise.

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