The One I Miss Every Other Day

It’s been a while girl since we last kissed;

But since you left I’ve been missing you every single day since;

I never knew how much I needed you until I realised without a princess how could I still feel like a prince;

I’ve wanted to end my life a few times I have to sadly admit;


Everytime I tried the thought of my mamma in tears made my quit;

I started sipping the pain away with glasses of hennessy, I just missed you more with every sip;

You never once called me to ask if I was doing fine;

I tried calling alot but all I got was a busy line;


I guess you were hitting the red button instead of the green;

Everytime you saw the number calling you was me;

Mistakes I made is what turned what we have into what used to be;

In the arms of another I watched from the sidelines helplessly;


Turned away so you wouldn’t see a thug cry;

At home alone feeling like I wanted to die;

Trying to subside the pain by laying with different bitches every night;

Nothing changed I just felt more empty inside;


Begging God to end what’s left of my life;

Circling the block just to ease my mind;

While escaping the memories we made in my room every other night;

Fast forward a few years and I’m doing just fine;


Fame and fortune changed my life;

My name’s written in the stars, you can spell it now if you look at them late at night;

You’d think you’ll be the last girl on my mind;

Now that I got models by my side;


That’s far from the truth, my heart still beats your name;

You’re still so heavy on my brain;

I still wish you wake up beside me every day;

I can’t help it my heart still has that flame;


I don’t show it much so nobody even knows your name;

They know you by you birth date;

Most of my poems are titled 20.09.90, you may be gone but my love remains the same;

I don’t understand it, my heart refuses to explain;


I’ve learned to live with it like a person living with chronic AIDS;

Nothing I do can stop me from feeling this way;

I know it’s pointless writing these poems, well it keeps me sane;

I don’t know why all I know is you’re still the one I miss every other day

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