Guardian Angel

was a young fool;

The day I first met you;

Should have been open and told you the truth;

You didn’t deserve all the pain I put you through;


The day you walked away I lost my once in a lifetime, I instantly knew;

Replacing you was going to be impossible to do;

Never the less I tried and had a few after you;

Year after endless year slowly I was realising;


I miss the little things you used to do;

Things you thought I never saw;

Things that haunt me now and I wish I appreciated them much more;

To God I pleaded to undo the hurt and love to restore;


To give me a chance to show you I’ve changed and not who you knew before;

More years passed and you tied the knot, I lost all hope;

But something in my heart refused and love for you I felt it grow;

God heard my cries and now we are friends once more;


I understand the value of loosing you, so friends is all I could’ve asked for;

My life was incomplete and I never understood why, I never saw;

Now that you’re back I found my soul to be whole;

Thank you for looking back before closing your heart’s door;


You had every right to never look back at all;

I didn’t derserve the time of day;

I guess the same God who makes a heart as hard as clay;

Has the power to melt it in the same way;


I want to show you how I have changed;

Not to win you back but to make up for all my past mistakes;

I kind of know it will never be more than friends again;

But I know how living without you pains;


So friends is more than I could have asked for when I prayed;

God finally restored the missing puzzle piece, my first love, my yesterday;

Thank you for giving me a chance to make up for the pain;

You helped a lost man find his way…..


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