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If I was your lover, Miss

If I was your lover, Miss
I would beam at the rise of my hand
To the soreness of nothing on you
And give you warmth in sun and moon
That from the aphelia be heard
To which winds and barks acquiesce

I would caress your rear and some
For many nights in silence of tongue
And bring us vittles and brews
From the echt nigh merchant
So we needn’t go hungry and athirst,
Somewhere ‘tween our pleasures

If I was your lover, Miss
We’d make sojourns of pleasance
To many shores of fair weathers
Pressuring our palms in parallels
And gaze at the stars on our tolerance
To forever rest in serenity of days

One bad news away from insanity

The commotion in my psyche is beyond strenuous
I get temptations of repugnant conduct
My better-half also confirmed my heart’s melancholy
On this, would you be gentle Mother Nature?
Take me wing, soon as I slam my sight

My engagement in collection of ignominy
Has been a unremitting excursion
Which so long as I live through
Shall embrace me in its tender pain

I went in and out of infirmaries
Every time I woke with just a perfect pelt
To which white-coated folks cheered
With little acquaintance of my valid condition

Oh liberty! Why do you shy away in this
Have you no espy of my affairs
Even when with conviction I assert
That should I gather one more dire truth
Those of reasonableness shall embrace my presence?

I have seen my lady

I have seen my lady many times
Strutting her hair in pride and chimes
It is my heart she’s giving beats
My emotions like the sun she heats

I have seen my lady many times
Every hour of sight stopping times
Wishing for a second to impress
For some more I would depress

Yes I have seen my lady at a time
When her eyes were of the colour lime
Marvelling what language she could say
But whichever, I wanted her to stay

The Wise Fool

Here we still lie
Soaked with the sores of his huge unfulfilled promises
After the hazardous wars we have inflicted on our dear brothers
To sow on his head a glittering ring of gold.
We were told our heaps of feeder roads
Tiled with the beauty of highly toxic pot holes
Shall be filled with golden granite
But here they lie as tanks of yellowish water
Our edible water that brew mud and stench he said
Were to be healed by the magic herbs of purity
Yet here lie thousands serving as dormitories to typhoid and guinea worm
When the honorable read our bones
He said we shall be fed from anus to throat
To cure the miseries of our hunger
Yet we are compelled to banish the cruelty of our hunger with the little saliva our glands can breed
We were told a balanced education will be bestowed on the brains of our wards freely
To let them reap highly waged jobs
Yet here lies a mountainous pile of them
Rendering us vices as services
For they are graduates of no education
Not the good drainage gadgets and silver built lavatories he talked of has reformed our poor sanitation.
An enormous mortuary and cemetery have been built to treat our health.

We have not scratched your back to have ours been deserted
We have demonstrated with the posters of our tears to amass your favour
Yet we are blessed with the agonies of no change
Please appease us with a worthy ritual
Before the tempest of our anger blows you to the gallows!

The Songbird and the Stream

“Good Morning”, sang the songbird.
“Good Morning”, rumbled the stream.
Where on such a glorious day shall we go?
I will go where the wind takes me.
And I will go where the current flows.
And that is where they went.
To wherever the wind blows and the current ends.
Drifting and flying they went.

Winter Mornings

Your love is sweet like vanilla
Which flowed in my veins.
The way you say my name…
Like it’s somehow safe in your mouth
You treat me like winter mornings
Like one hand on my knee as you drive
Like blissful childish laughter.
The way you clutched me at the waist
And murmured; “I love you forever.”
Like a secret that tied us simultaneously.

But just like winter you left …
Your love for me was figurative, licentiousness.
You jilted like everyone else.
And I’m now wrecked to the bone.
How long is forever?
The corrugated blue lines have become so prominent.
The way blood just oozes out of it
The same way your love did…

Ending Beginnings

She once sang a happy song,” I know you’ve got me and you won’t let me slip”. She jumped up and down in her colourful dress as she got ready for church. In her tiny eyes lay the world, still cant figure out whose world it was.

She continued to sing as though she stood to send a message to “some greater power”. “I know my existence is by the persistence of grace”, she continued humming. Those words pierced my heart, sat and nested in my brain. It was as though secretly she wished to remind me that not all lies within the control of our flesh and that we belonged to an unknown greater power. I wondered whether our existence was not purely by poor birth control and our departure a random event. is our course indeed pre-planned and will we grow weary of running from our destinies? I will not trouble myself with that which no man ever lived to describe.

Couldn’t help but admire the tiny being whose vocal cords perfectly articulated the words of a song that plays endlessly in my mind. i imagine her rushing home one day, screaming mom I want to be a singer and the words “be an accountant first” quickly wiped off the dreamer in her face. She would frown and walk away but I will patiently wait for the day she understands it was all out of love.

And then it rained heavily. Unbearable rain drop sounds against my steel roof. I worried that she would come home with stubborn mud stains on that bright dress. I sat and kept wondering which punishment would best suit “this occasion”. Then the phone rang again, still I hesitated to pick it up, I had heard stories about phones during thunderstorms. Then the door bell rang, I rushed. My eyes met a stranger who’s said “I know nobody wishes to see me in their yard but it’s my job. I have done this a thousand times but I’ll pretend to be sympathetic.” With him he brought the last pieces of the colourful dress and the rest laid covered under the dreadful silver wrapping on some cold street, exposed for all to see the beginnings of my misery. I guess this time grace could not succeed.

“Alles Is Diep Nxa” (Dedicated To All My “Bruin Ou’s” Best Race Ever)

My own people threw me to the wayside;

So I turned to the street life;

In 1994, racsist hate was everyday strife;

People couldn’t understand why I chose that way of life, I was called a traitior by the whites;


I didn’t care, my coloured brothers showed me love without question even though I was light;

But I’m glad life took me that way;

Guess God knew I was never a fan of race hate anyway;

Although I hated my own race for apartheid;


I love my coloured niggas and that will never change;

Best race that outclasses them all even today;

They are smarter than the average playa;

They have the hottest women and you can’t even argue that case;


Bruin ou’s ain’t afraid to end your life, but they embrace peace;

They are all about loyality;

They know the essence of true humor, most are born to be funny;

Yet they got dying love for their community;


I love my coloured people cause without question they accepted me;

So to all the “bruin ou’s” from all the hoods and from every street;

I’m your biggest fan believe me;

You had my back when my own people disowned me;


Kind of how the Isralites abandoned Jesus;

Now I ain’t saying I’m Him;

But I’m showing love to a nation who adopted me so easily;

Nothing can beat your language;


Words if misunderstood can cause brain damage;

I learnt how to slang early, with blood I learnt to manage;

“Aweh, nxa ek’se” words that ooze class;

Yet if you reply wrong that could be the end of your ass;


In my days of youth;

As I was tryna earn respect in the hood;

My mouth caused alot of war, ignorace for a language I misunderstood;

Way before I knew the game;


Bieng white made it even harder to do;

Cause everyone wanted to test me as I was considred a fool;

But in time I earned respect, so I could cruise in the hood;

Things other whites could never do;


Earned my stripes through blood from them street dudes;

Grew up hated as an outcast in school;

Hated by teachers and most pupils;

All because I rolled with a coloured crew;


But I didn’t care, cause my niggas had my back that’s all I knew;

If shit went south whites left you standing in a middle of a fued;

But with my coloured niggas it’s ride or die, it’s how they do;

If you run from a fight and abandon your crew, the next one they gunning for is you;


So to all my “Bruin Ou’s” stay true;

This white nigga, your adopted son loves everyone of you;

You loved me when I had no where to turn too;

“Aweh my brasse, bly skangaka, dus al wat ek vra, forget everyone else, cause every one of you were already born diep nxa, die ander naaiers haat julle want hulle is jela”…..


Key To Freedom

Everyday is a different struggle;

In fear never knowing when God’s going to call my number;

Trying to stay straight but this sinful life got my soul in trouble;

Rising from one fall but another one just makes me stumble;


On the narrow road for a while but then I fall off cause my enemies lay it on me double;

The only one who ever really had my back was my mother;

Asking God when will I rise from my sleeping slumber;

Yet another love bullet just trying to recover;


There’s only one me and there will never be another;

All I’m asking is to appreciate me and not judge my life cause I’m your brother;

Thug life living but inside I’m a lover;

Believe me I understand your struggle;


It’s a life I once used to suffer;

Found in pain the key to success is to speak the truth;

I’m here a fearless soilder to remove the fake and to educate misguided youth;

I’m the mind who’s going to spark this move;


Most hate me and many seem to accuse;

I’m bieng me to help those that life has abused;

To stop death before it takes you too soon;

Just cause I was born white don’t mean I didn’t struggle too;


Time to change your point of view;

I lived a hard life that all can relate too;

Never had an easy life and was never fed from that “golden spoon”;

Never had a father who cared so I mad it on my own, but it’s all good;


I made it regardless of the fact that I was a sibling of the hood;

I woundn’t change one thing I’ve been through;

I’d do it all over just the same if I could;

It made me who I am and that’s the truth;


So if God gave me the chance to fix all my past bullshit;

I’d kindly refuse;

Cause I made it even though I was born to loose;

Just cause I was born white never meant I had it all good;


Life don’t see race, colour or creed, it does what it wants too;

So don’t get it confused;

The best poker players win with the worst cards, so accept the hand that was dealt to you;

Take it from one who made it, all you need to do is be the real you;


Be who God made you;

Stop trying to be somone new;

Cause the only one that’s affected at the end of the day is you;

I speak from experience, I used to be that fool;


Impressing people don’t matter, cause when you pass it’s just God and you;

He never makes mistakes that’s the real truth;

He made you with flaws and all for a reason;

Being who you were born to be is the key to real freedom….