Archives for October 1, 2013

break up songs

I went through all the Alanis Morrisette


Violent Femmes


Arctic Monkeys

I could find

trying to find something that captures like 400 film

the way my insides are twisting, my head is aching, my breathe is slowing

fuck, I even went through some Destiny’s Child, some Beck, even Eminem

but everyone is too self righteous, too angry, too sad, too pathetic, too strong, too extreme to capture on 400 film

they say in the darkest places you can find light

but where is the light in the half-dark lit by my bedside lamp?

Guardian Angel

was a young fool;

The day I first met you;

Should have been open and told you the truth;

You didn’t deserve all the pain I put you through;


The day you walked away I lost my once in a lifetime, I instantly knew;

Replacing you was going to be impossible to do;

Never the less I tried and had a few after you;

Year after endless year slowly I was realising;


I miss the little things you used to do;

Things you thought I never saw;

Things that haunt me now and I wish I appreciated them much more;

To God I pleaded to undo the hurt and love to restore;


To give me a chance to show you I’ve changed and not who you knew before;

More years passed and you tied the knot, I lost all hope;

But something in my heart refused and love for you I felt it grow;

God heard my cries and now we are friends once more;


I understand the value of loosing you, so friends is all I could’ve asked for;

My life was incomplete and I never understood why, I never saw;

Now that you’re back I found my soul to be whole;

Thank you for looking back before closing your heart’s door;


You had every right to never look back at all;

I didn’t derserve the time of day;

I guess the same God who makes a heart as hard as clay;

Has the power to melt it in the same way;


I want to show you how I have changed;

Not to win you back but to make up for all my past mistakes;

I kind of know it will never be more than friends again;

But I know how living without you pains;


So friends is more than I could have asked for when I prayed;

God finally restored the missing puzzle piece, my first love, my yesterday;

Thank you for giving me a chance to make up for the pain;

You helped a lost man find his way…..


there’s a fire

there’s a fire burning in the middle of this classroom

but you don’t feel the heat.

you don’t feel the urge to stamp it out.

beads of sweat don’t plague you

pencils engrave words upon you:

hateful, cynical, truthful.


I hate to be the one to fan this fire,

to see these flames brown the ceiling,

singe your schoolbooks,

but someone has to smoke you out of your seats

someone has to make you aware of your weight

or you will all fall through the floor.


Wish I knew what I know now;
Wish I could return to the day we met somehow;
Wish I put you first back then;
Wish I never missed out on time with you because of my friends;

Wish I left her in the past;
Wish I focused on you and made it last;
Wish I never broke your innocent heart;
Wish I took the time to love you from the start;

Wish I never played my foolish games;
Wish I appreciated you before you walked away;
Wish I showed you love instead of pain;
Wish I never cheated can’t believe I did you that way;

Wish like God I was able to read your heart;
Wish I never pretended to be someone I’m not;
Wish I gave you all my love;
Wish I spoiled you instead of leaving you with barely enough;

Wish I took time to get to know you;
Wish I opened up to you about my heart and showed you;
Wish I listened to you everytime you cried;
Wish I never fed you all those lies;

Wish I never left you alone all those nights;
Wish I was a faithful guy;
Wish I appreciated those gorgeous eyes;
Wish I knew I’d never find another love like you again in my life;

Wish I kept promises I made to you;
Wish I answered the calls you made;
Wish smse’s you sent I saved;
Wish I made you my lady and not my sex slave;

Wish I appreciated you all day everyday;
Wish I wasn’t blind, wish I was as wise as I am today;
Wish you never left my side;
Wish I never let you slide;

Wish you never became another man’s wife;
Wish you knew that today I’m what you begged God for every tearful night;
Wish you could come fetch your mr right;
Wish you weren’t so far out of sight;

Wish I had just one more chance;
Wish I had one last dance;
Wish you never walked away;
Wish I knew how much I’d miss you today;

Wish I wasn’t blind;
Wish I could press rewind;
Wish I could still be the only guy on your mind;
Wish I could undo all the bad times;

But wishes never come true;
If I had one, know that I’d use it on you;
You heart’s sacrifice changed me into a Prince who was once a fool;
Wish I never realised how much I loved you before the day you walked away;

Wish I had one more day;
Wish I had once more chance to say;
You are the only one I ever truly loved with all my life;
Babygirl I wish you were still here tonight……