Archives for October 9, 2013

The struggle I face

Sometimes I feel like I have the victory
Sometimes I feel like I’ve lost.
Sometimes I take on life with confidence
Sometimes the consequences come with too much of a cost.

I want to be strong and be able to stand firm.
But the attacks that come my way are strong as hell.
I put my trust in the Saviour and take him at his word.
But when I face the enemy those words become a ringing lull.

I watch as others go on with their lives.
And mine stands still……
I watch as others laugh and enjoy life.
And my confidence stoops to nil

Set You Free

It’s time to say goodbye;

Time to give back your pretty wings so you can fly;

So you can see how it is to be free even though I wish you’d stay mine;

Forcing love would be a crime;


But if this love is true, it will change your mind;

And hopefully you’ll fly back to me sometime;

I want you to be happy, don’t worry girl I’ll be fine;

I’ve endured things most men haven’t survived;


I’d rather be without you than see you cry;

I’d rather be honest than live a lie;

We can still remain friends if you’d like;

Just give me some time to sort out my life;


When I’m ready I’ll give you the sign;

Go on so long and find your Mr right;

All we can say is we tried;

It’s not our fault love has died;


Maybe I could have done more to change your mind;

But I’ll rather let you be happy than a prisoner of mine;

I’ll get used to bieng alone at night;

I’ll find another reason to wear my smile;


I’ll cherish the memories and all our good times ;

Don’t you worry I’m used to hearing goodbye;

I’ve become accustomed to it during my life;

If we are meant to be I’m sure you’ll be my future wife;


I’ll find inspiration in other ways;

Move on and forget about our yesterdays;

You deserve the best anyway;

But I’ll sure miss you alot babe;


I’m sory it was not enough, this is how I was made;

I’ll be fine trust me as I say;

Tears are but for a moment and can be wiped away;

Don’t let the tear stains on my face stand in your way;


I can’t predict the future but I pray you’ll return someday;

I’ll always be here waiting in the same place;

My love for you will never fade;

I might have found someone new but you could never be replaced;


She’s here to take up time until you come and re-claim your place…