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Truth About A Thug

Rolling in a gang aint about doing crime or acting bad;

It’s about finding the kind of love you never got from your dad;

Getting high or doing drugs ain’t about addiction, it’s not about that;

It’s to subside the pain of a troubled past;


I got love for my fam, it’s not that I didn’t care;

I’m saying my dad should have been there;

As a son I needed love in my younger years;

I was too young to understand life or handle those tears;


I did what I had to do just to survive;

My heart grew cold from the effects of a hard life;

I was schooled by the streets;

I ain’t mad, it’s what eventually made me;


It’s where I was taught the way of the game;

I wouldn’t have it any other way;

I still thank God for the troubled past I endured everyday;

Some say I’m cold and corrupted;


But none of you know me like my thug brothers;

I have a strong but peaceful heart;

I just use my mind, control my ego and think smart;

Only have a few I call friends;


People took advantage of my gullible heart cause I let anyone who smiled in;

Now I show you who I want you to see;

So you never have another chance to ever get the best of me;

I wasn’t born cold or cruel;


This world turned me against you;

Just like an addict, he was never born that way;

This cold world flipped him and his heart went astray;

I don’t look down on addicts or my homeless brothers;


I can relate so I understand their struggles;

A broken heart can destroy the strongest of men;

I know cause I used to be one of them;

I was never fed from a golden spoon;


I hustled hard to escape the poverty of the hood;

See I gave up my dream, my future, my studies for a bitch I thought was down for me;

But she rolled and cheated on me with my best friend;

I had to fight the tears, take it like a man and start all over again;


I could have decided fuck this world and turn to crime;

But I chose the legal way and worked had to gets mine;

Worked 12 hours in the daylight;

Went to night school for 2 years every night;


Weeks on end I couldn’t afford to eat;

Paid rent and studies with my less than average salary;

See an uneducated brother with a criminal past can’t get a decent job;

But I had to do what I had to just to reach the top;


You came to late you only see the credits rolling and consider my life a love story;

You never saw the start only saw the glory;

So think before you choose to judge me;

Nothing in this life ever comes easy;


Those who claim it does are selling empty pipe dreams;

My smile hides the pain you never see;

I’m stronger today because of the struggles God sent me;

Those hard times showed me my strongest attributes;


Leanrt to use my mind and drop my attitude;

Wisdom came at the price of  tears I cried;

Learnt to read actions not believe people’s lies;

You can try and sell me anything you like;


I won’t believe a word you say, learnt to trust no one in this life;

Real friends I call brothers I only have a few;

Nightman, Kat, Patat, Zano and Ronnie;

My nigga’s I just want to thank all of you;


For never giving up on me no matter how I treated you;

Some day soon my name will be associated with fame;

And for all you did for me I’ll be able to repay;

We will sit back and laugh about our past days;


As we sip expensive liquor and smoke cuban cigars;

Riding around with drop top sports cars;

As I move up I’ll never leave you’ll behind;

We move as one until the end of time;


You’ll showed me love when the world threw me aside;

You had my back everytime cowards tried to end my life;

You’ll will always have the biggest part of my heart;

You’ll are the reason I made it this far;


People only see the end and never the troubled start;

If it wasn’t for you’ll I’d have been buried in an early grave;

So I thank you’ll not for money or fancy things but for the love you gave;

It’s the emotional deposits that mean more to me today;


I got all the money I want or need;

I got bitches every night beside me;

I learnt in the end when you’re alone at night money don’t mean a damn thing;

It’s my niggas who showed me love that mean more than material things to me;


So I salute my nigga’s who stuck by my side;

Who never left me alone even if it was at the cost of their own life;

So from me to you it’s ride till I die;

Niggas for life until the Lord calls my name and it’s time to say goodbye.