Wish I knew what I know now;
Wish I could return to the day we met somehow;
Wish I put you first back then;
Wish I never missed out on time with you because of my friends;

Wish I left her in the past;
Wish I focused on you and made it last;
Wish I never broke your innocent heart;
Wish I took the time to love you from the start;

Wish I never played my foolish games;
Wish I appreciated you before you walked away;
Wish I showed you love instead of pain;
Wish I never cheated can’t believe I did you that way;

Wish like God I was able to read your heart;
Wish I never pretended to be someone I’m not;
Wish I gave you all my love;
Wish I spoiled you instead of leaving you with barely enough;

Wish I took time to get to know you;
Wish I opened up to you about my heart and showed you;
Wish I listened to you everytime you cried;
Wish I never fed you all those lies;

Wish I never left you alone all those nights;
Wish I was a faithful guy;
Wish I appreciated those gorgeous eyes;
Wish I knew I’d never find another love like you again in my life;

Wish I kept promises I made to you;
Wish I answered the calls you made;
Wish smse’s you sent I saved;
Wish I made you my lady and not my sex slave;

Wish I appreciated you all day everyday;
Wish I wasn’t blind, wish I was as wise as I am today;
Wish you never left my side;
Wish I never let you slide;

Wish you never became another man’s wife;
Wish you knew that today I’m what you begged God for every tearful night;
Wish you could come fetch your mr right;
Wish you weren’t so far out of sight;

Wish I had just one more chance;
Wish I had one last dance;
Wish you never walked away;
Wish I knew how much I’d miss you today;

Wish I wasn’t blind;
Wish I could press rewind;
Wish I could still be the only guy on your mind;
Wish I could undo all the bad times;

But wishes never come true;
If I had one, know that I’d use it on you;
You heart’s sacrifice changed me into a Prince who was once a fool;
Wish I never realised how much I loved you before the day you walked away;

Wish I had one more day;
Wish I had once more chance to say;
You are the only one I ever truly loved with all my life;
Babygirl I wish you were still here tonight……

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