Time For A Change (Babies Were Never Born To Hate Any Race)

It’s time for a change;

Time to show love and reduce hate;

Babies aren’t born to hate any race;

It’s learnt in a family home, so let’s turn the page;


I know it’s hard to do;

But it all starts with one person, let that person be you;

Let’s get a new attitude;

We were all born different that’s the truth;


Skin colour has never defined an individual;

Personality was given from God above;

Let’s see past the outer layer and learn to love;

I was never one too judge;


But I hated my own white nation for what they had done;

They destroyed this beautiful South Africa of ours;

They did it out of pride and fear just because;

I was raised by my domestic and she taught me true love;


She taught me her native tongue;

Always said I’d need it one day when I’m grown;

She equipped me for the future, little did I even know;

So from young I was one up on everyone;


Always a step ahead;

All the white people said I had betrayed them;Little did they know they would one day look up to me to teach them;

Jobs came so easy cause I knew an African speech;


Threw away by my own nation, but now I was envied;

I am not saying that I am better, I’m saying God was looking out for me;

Young at age so He sent me Heavens teaching;

Time for a change;


Let’s start today;

It’s not about changing your culture that’s not what I’m saying;

It’s about enpowering your kids to live is this diverse nation;

Just consider what I say;


Cause I’m living proof that to succed is all based on your ability to adapt to change….

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