Set You Free

It’s time to say goodbye;

Time to give back your pretty wings so you can fly;

So you can see how it is to be free even though I wish you’d stay mine;

Forcing love would be a crime;


But if this love is true, it will change your mind;

And hopefully you’ll fly back to me sometime;

I want you to be happy, don’t worry girl I’ll be fine;

I’ve endured things most men haven’t survived;


I’d rather be without you than see you cry;

I’d rather be honest than live a lie;

We can still remain friends if you’d like;

Just give me some time to sort out my life;


When I’m ready I’ll give you the sign;

Go on so long and find your Mr right;

All we can say is we tried;

It’s not our fault love has died;


Maybe I could have done more to change your mind;

But I’ll rather let you be happy than a prisoner of mine;

I’ll get used to bieng alone at night;

I’ll find another reason to wear my smile;


I’ll cherish the memories and all our good times ;

Don’t you worry I’m used to hearing goodbye;

I’ve become accustomed to it during my life;

If we are meant to be I’m sure you’ll be my future wife;


I’ll find inspiration in other ways;

Move on and forget about our yesterdays;

You deserve the best anyway;

But I’ll sure miss you alot babe;


I’m sory it was not enough, this is how I was made;

I’ll be fine trust me as I say;

Tears are but for a moment and can be wiped away;

Don’t let the tear stains on my face stand in your way;


I can’t predict the future but I pray you’ll return someday;

I’ll always be here waiting in the same place;

My love for you will never fade;

I might have found someone new but you could never be replaced;


She’s here to take up time until you come and re-claim your place…


  1. This poem brought me to tears, great writing Kribo

  2. My heart cracked a little as i read this. How dare you make me cry! You told my story beautiful. Nothing can make me relate more than this beautiful art piece. Good Job

  3. Thanks for all the comments guys you made me smile!!!! Please read more of my work and let me know I love criticism it helps me improve and stay ahead of the game !!!

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