“Alles Is Diep Nxa” (Dedicated To All My “Bruin Ou’s” Best Race Ever)

My own people threw me to the wayside;

So I turned to the street life;

In 1994, racsist hate was everyday strife;

People couldn’t understand why I chose that way of life, I was called a traitior by the whites;


I didn’t care, my coloured brothers showed me love without question even though I was light;

But I’m glad life took me that way;

Guess God knew I was never a fan of race hate anyway;

Although I hated my own race for apartheid;


I love my coloured niggas and that will never change;

Best race that outclasses them all even today;

They are smarter than the average playa;

They have the hottest women and you can’t even argue that case;


Bruin ou’s ain’t afraid to end your life, but they embrace peace;

They are all about loyality;

They know the essence of true humor, most are born to be funny;

Yet they got dying love for their community;


I love my coloured people cause without question they accepted me;

So to all the “bruin ou’s” from all the hoods and from every street;

I’m your biggest fan believe me;

You had my back when my own people disowned me;


Kind of how the Isralites abandoned Jesus;

Now I ain’t saying I’m Him;

But I’m showing love to a nation who adopted me so easily;

Nothing can beat your language;


Words if misunderstood can cause brain damage;

I learnt how to slang early, with blood I learnt to manage;

“Aweh, nxa ek’se” words that ooze class;

Yet if you reply wrong that could be the end of your ass;


In my days of youth;

As I was tryna earn respect in the hood;

My mouth caused alot of war, ignorace for a language I misunderstood;

Way before I knew the game;


Bieng white made it even harder to do;

Cause everyone wanted to test me as I was considred a fool;

But in time I earned respect, so I could cruise in the hood;

Things other whites could never do;


Earned my stripes through blood from them street dudes;

Grew up hated as an outcast in school;

Hated by teachers and most pupils;

All because I rolled with a coloured crew;


But I didn’t care, cause my niggas had my back that’s all I knew;

If shit went south whites left you standing in a middle of a fued;

But with my coloured niggas it’s ride or die, it’s how they do;

If you run from a fight and abandon your crew, the next one they gunning for is you;


So to all my “Bruin Ou’s” stay true;

This white nigga, your adopted son loves everyone of you;

You loved me when I had no where to turn too;

“Aweh my brasse, bly skangaka, dus al wat ek vra, forget everyone else, cause every one of you were already born diep nxa, die ander naaiers haat julle want hulle is jela”…..


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