Ending Beginnings

She once sang a happy song,” I know you’ve got me and you won’t let me slip”. She jumped up and down in her colourful dress as she got ready for church. In her tiny eyes lay the world, still cant figure out whose world it was.

She continued to sing as though she stood to send a message to “some greater power”. “I know my existence is by the persistence of grace”, she continued humming. Those words pierced my heart, sat and nested in my brain. It was as though secretly she wished to remind me that not all lies within the control of our flesh and that we belonged to an unknown greater power. I wondered whether our existence was not purely by poor birth control and our departure a random event. is our course indeed pre-planned and will we grow weary of running from our destinies? I will not trouble myself with that which no man ever lived to describe.

Couldn’t help but admire the tiny being whose vocal cords perfectly articulated the words of a song that plays endlessly in my mind. i imagine her rushing home one day, screaming mom I want to be a singer and the words “be an accountant first” quickly wiped off the dreamer in her face. She would frown and walk away but I will patiently wait for the day she understands it was all out of love.

And then it rained heavily. Unbearable rain drop sounds against my steel roof. I worried that she would come home with stubborn mud stains on that bright dress. I sat and kept wondering which punishment would best suit “this occasion”. Then the phone rang again, still I hesitated to pick it up, I had heard stories about phones during thunderstorms. Then the door bell rang, I rushed. My eyes met a stranger who’s said “I know nobody wishes to see me in their yard but it’s my job. I have done this a thousand times but I’ll pretend to be sympathetic.” With him he brought the last pieces of the colourful dress and the rest laid covered under the dreadful silver wrapping on some cold street, exposed for all to see the beginnings of my misery. I guess this time grace could not succeed.

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