Key To Freedom

Everyday is a different struggle;

In fear never knowing when God’s going to call my number;

Trying to stay straight but this sinful life got my soul in trouble;

Rising from one fall but another one just makes me stumble;


On the narrow road for a while but then I fall off cause my enemies lay it on me double;

The only one who ever really had my back was my mother;

Asking God when will I rise from my sleeping slumber;

Yet another love bullet just trying to recover;


There’s only one me and there will never be another;

All I’m asking is to appreciate me and not judge my life cause I’m your brother;

Thug life living but inside I’m a lover;

Believe me I understand your struggle;


It’s a life I once used to suffer;

Found in pain the key to success is to speak the truth;

I’m here a fearless soilder to remove the fake and to educate misguided youth;

I’m the mind who’s going to spark this move;


Most hate me and many seem to accuse;

I’m bieng me to help those that life has abused;

To stop death before it takes you too soon;

Just cause I was born white don’t mean I didn’t struggle too;


Time to change your point of view;

I lived a hard life that all can relate too;

Never had an easy life and was never fed from that “golden spoon”;

Never had a father who cared so I mad it on my own, but it’s all good;


I made it regardless of the fact that I was a sibling of the hood;

I woundn’t change one thing I’ve been through;

I’d do it all over just the same if I could;

It made me who I am and that’s the truth;


So if God gave me the chance to fix all my past bullshit;

I’d kindly refuse;

Cause I made it even though I was born to loose;

Just cause I was born white never meant I had it all good;


Life don’t see race, colour or creed, it does what it wants too;

So don’t get it confused;

The best poker players win with the worst cards, so accept the hand that was dealt to you;

Take it from one who made it, all you need to do is be the real you;


Be who God made you;

Stop trying to be somone new;

Cause the only one that’s affected at the end of the day is you;

I speak from experience, I used to be that fool;


Impressing people don’t matter, cause when you pass it’s just God and you;

He never makes mistakes that’s the real truth;

He made you with flaws and all for a reason;

Being who you were born to be is the key to real freedom….


Speak Your Mind


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