Forced To End Another Life

Reminicisng back on that night;

19 years old when I was forced to end another man’s life;

I tried to keep the peace;

But he kept on pushing me;


Heard him say I was a traitor cause I ran with a coloured crew;

I brushed it off and remained cool;

I left the club in silence;

But as I turned my back he started unecessary violence;


My mind went blank;

Woke up to a dead man;

My heart instantly sank;

Saw blood on the cold pavement;


Arrested by punk police;

Trying to explain but they didn’t want to know about me;

All I heard was I was guilty;

Locked up in a single cell surrounded by another 20;


Faced the judge and explained my self defense plea;

He agreed and set me free;

All I heard was the sobs of a grieving mother as I leave;

Trying to find relief;


I’ve never been one to fight no matter what;

Always trying keep the peace when shit went south;

I never thought I could end another life;

It happend so fast like evening turning to daylight;


Remorse turns to regret as I think back to that night;

When I never chose to end another man’s life

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