What I Am Living For

I was born an angel with broken wings;

Endured underserved things;

Too young to understand the reasons why;

Life is all good, I was fed that lie;


I was filled with anger not seeing God’s plan;

He never made a mistake even though I believed it, He dealt me my bad poker hand;

Later He told me “The best poker players win with the worst cards’;

So I stopped feeling sorry for myself and became a man;


Since birth He was empowering me with constant pain;

Struggles I survived were set to associate my name with fame;

A soldier sent to flip this dirty game;

To help my people avoid life’s hidden traps;


I want to give them a restart, a chance to get their life back;

I want to set free those bound by a prison of regret;

To let them know it’s time to forget;

I’m sick of seeing broken hearts all around me;


Lost souls seeking answers, I’ve got the key;

I’m here to set those doing time for their past free;

Maybe this was my purpose, I’m still uncertain;

But it’s become my passion to remove burdens;


I wish emotional pain on nobody;

Cause everybody needs somebody especially when they are hurt and lonely;

I want that somebody to be me;

A man wise from tears, born brutally honest and deep;


Who’s not afraid to tell the truth even if it hurts;

I’d rather tell the facts;

It will only hurt a while, but you’ll thank me one day when you look back;

I’m who God made me to be;


Those who know I don’t pretend to be who people expect me to be;

I don’t care if it makes me popular or not;

I’m here because of God’s love;

I want to make a change before I’m sent back to Heaven above;


The truth about life starts in a family home;

It’s time to stop protecting kids from the truth, life’s ruthless so let them know;

You’re killing them even before they grow;

If you didn’t know now you know;


I’m sick of seeing children’s innocence bieng stolen;

Age 12 and forced to act with a mature soul;

Babies having babies because a man promised her the love she never got from her dad;

Yet when she’s pregnant, parents get mad;


Parents are the underlying cause;

They should have told her about life’s falls;

We’ve lost too many kids to tears,regrets and pain;

This is the bullshit I’m living to change

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