On My Last Day

One thing we all have to face is death;

So on the day I breathe my final breath;

There’s a few things I want you to do;

I don’t want to see you cry, what’s the use;


I want you to party with 2pac “Life Goes On”;

I want all my nigga’s to sing along;

I don’t want a pastor to read from the word that day;

It’s too late to change my fate;


Instead I want my nigga’s and family to grab the mic;

And reminicse on my life;

I don’t want anyone to be in a suite;

I want it to be casual so keep it true;


At my grave I want each of you to throw sand on my soul;

I want only white roses layed on my tombstone;

Dear Mamma, you are the only one allowed to cry;

I was your only son that’s the only reason why;


To my doggs, I’ve been saving up for this day;

There’s a bottle of Hennessy and cigars so you can sip and blow pain away;

For those who stay high just to maintain;

I’ve left some cash so you can get some drugs and party at my grave;


I don’t want any of you to leave early;

I want you to keep my memory alive and embrace my legacy;

To those who didn’t care about me while I was alive;

I don’t want you at my funeral, don’t waste your and my time;


To those who hated me don’t bother keeping up appearances and pretend;

I don’t need your sympathy or respect;

I lost respect for you while I was alive and it never changed at my death;

To those who ran me through;


Don’t worry I forgave everyone of you;

But it wasn’t out of weakness, it was out of strength, I did it for me and not to please you;

I needed to release hate to enter Heaven’s gates;

I refused to let hate send me to endure hell’s flames;


To my ex lovers if any of you decided to come;

I’m sorry for all the dirt I’ve done;

I was living in the fast lane, life of a thug;

It wasn’t personal, I just found it hard to trust;


To my niggas, there’s only a few;

Let me mention you by name so you know who I’m referring too;

Brother’s Ian and Brian Nxumalo, Leroy Links,Rynel “NiteMan” Classen, Elzano “Zano” Cloete,Keith ” Kat” Van Rooi, Colin “Patat” Ross, Ronald “Ronnie” Cloete, Lerato “Allan Keys” Amor , Bongani Goliath, Tumelo Dibakoane, Reagan “Oom R” Smith, Anthony aka “Voeltjie”, Sidney “60” Fortein, Grant Jacobs, Eugene “Gino” Schwartz, George Loliwe, Damian Moodley,Ghershone Veldschoën, Heinrich “Milo” Bridgens, Nazley “Naz” Booysen;

Forgive me for those I failed to mention, I include you if you were my nigga and remained true;


My funeral will probably be full of white people but don’t worry or care;

Now you’ll finally know how I felt when I rolled with you and got those same cold stares;

Forgive them, people find it hard to change;

I got so used to the race hate, when it never happend it felt strange;


Now I know some of my nigga’s are crazy and lost their mind;

But at my funeral party I beg of you don’t fight;

This party is just for you, I tried my best;

So for once drink and smoke in peace out of respect;


To the nigga’s I buried before my last day;

Come escort my soul so I don’t get lost along the way;

Come join the party, I know my doggs have been missing you;

So too my nigga’s especially “NiteMan”, make room for “Ike & Dru”;


To all my enemies I hope you chose to stay away;

I’ll make sure my nigga’s make it your funeral on the same day;

But instead of a funeral they’ll just piss on your grave;

See I never had time for bitch nigga’s who were fake;


Now I know this is not the traditional way;

But I don’t care I was born crazy;

I’m sick of attending funerals where everyone seems dead;

We only buried one person, you weren;t one of them;


I’m in a better place;

I want to see a smile on your face;

I want you to celebrate my last day;

If you asked me too, even if I was the only one I’d do the same;


Just to make sure my instructions are followed to the tee;

I’ve included it in my last will and testimony;

That nigga handing out my millions to some of you will also be there to see;

If it’s not followed, nobody is getting a cent, it’s going to charity;


I told you I trust no one so I took precautions so I can rest in peace;

I won’t let anybody pull a fast one on me;

I’ve learnt to be one step ahead of the game;

This is the way I want to have my last day

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