Archives for June 1, 2015

Price of your smile

They look, ready to judge
Ready to declare you a miss
They stare, ready to dismiss
Ready to declare you a miss
Did they ever ask
Have they ever asked…
About you, your story
your walk, your tears
your pain, your struggle
Do they know of the blisters on your hand,
The marks of survival written on your back,
Do they know of the sweat it took,
the Patience pill you had to swallow,
Do they know , know the price of your smile

Familiar Stranger

I look at you and a stranger I see,
A stranger who once meant the world to me.
Life has a way of bending to a curve
Taking back all you’ve been handed and served

A life once intimately shared, seems distant …in the past
Memories plays like a movie… and we’re the fading cast
Once a pair, committed and as one
Now we’re as distant as the earth is to the sun

Laughter and despair shared in loving embrace
Naught too unbearable or challenging to face
I’m astounded at the stark reality of it all
How easily from grace we could fall

In the blink of an eye… smashed to smithereens
This cocoon we’ve built and wrapped ourselves in
Existing on a sphere … worlds apart…
A stranger who once captured… and filled my heart