Archives for June 5, 2015

Tears of joy

Tears of excellence
Tears of happiness
Tears of appreciation
All a revelation of ambition
Ambition brought by pain,conquered by tears leading to tears winning.
Living a life of laughter is never healthy for a wealthy person as it shows no victory.
Tears and joy were never set on one time but their force of conquering fear and pain attracted them to attention of Tears of Joy.
Grant me a pen and paper to write the power trip of Tears of Joy.
How could one write down the power I feel within my heart.
Heart,hear the high hill of hatred falling as hailstone
Heart,listen to words spoken by my voiceless tears
My heart,take action of my voiceless tears..
These are the tears tearing the tower of terror
The tears flowing like a river in ones eye fall
Tears leaving the strangers of Earth speechless
These tears are found everywhere but expirienced by few..
These are the tears I found when I found you.


on a sunny day
bright and warm
fun games we play
new circles form

our choir sings
the mornings we meet
angels without wings
bad breath, happy feet