Archives for June 18, 2015


Abreast I am.
Committed I am.
So why not with me?
Passion and vision you demand.
Seeing less from them you crush out.

The waving feather settles firmly on you.
Tasting your fruitfulness are doctors.
Serving them with you are teachers.
Floating on top are engineers.
The juicy part of you abound.

Them mourn no more
Because you are alive.
Stress becomes the past
Because you renovate.
Morals you demand
And motive you serve.

Calling you procrastinator
Are who in your absence.
Fighting for your greatness
Are who knows your accent.

Your mission of filling orphaned heart
With happiness is aboard your minds.
You barge through bane
To camouflage poor with rich.

Just in time
You came to my presence.
Our camaraderie is animated
With the spirit of our own strength.

How defined you are to me.
You are called the future.
Yes indeed you are.