Archives for June 10, 2015

I am more than just my skin

If I take off my skin an walk around naked in my flesh
Would you still be able to tell that I am black
If I tear down the walls and stand on a mountain
Would you be willing to hear my voice
I have a personality that is within
I am not just the colour of my skin
But it contributes to who I am
My identity
The person within
U see my darkness as a misfortune,
U see it as a curse
I see it as a blessing,
I see it as a strength
This skin an all I have within has given me a voice
I choose to be a survivor not a victim
I am not bound by your unwillingness to recognize colour
Or humanity
I am not your victim, I am not your slave
I am a survivor, I have risen to higher level of self realization an consciousness
I will not be a slave to history
Instead I will embrace it an make sure it never repeats its self
I am more than just my skin.