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Lord, I’m Here You Need Not Cry Alone

sat one winters night in June, warming myself up near an old fire place;

I was Meditating on You my Lord and this thought crossed my mind while my heart started to break;

I put myself in Your shoes for a little while and wondered who You turned too when tears fell from Your face;

I thought to myself, I’m sure You think about all those souls that were lost to hells flame;


Without anybody knowing You’d silenty hide Yourself away;

As tears fell from Your beautiful eyes, I wondered to myself to whom did You turn;

You see whenever I’ve cried tears that would slowly burn;

I;ve always had You there to wipe them away and ease my concern;

As I imagined You all alone, while Heaven was filled with joy, happy souls never even knowing that behind Your veil of tangible Glory, You sat crying all alone;


So I lifted up my voice to heaven,  even if I was acting like fool and it wasn’t really that way, Jesus, there’s something I wanted You to know;

My precious Savior, if ever You cry, know I’ll always be there to dry your beautiful eyes;

And If there’s no one that You can call in broken hear-ted times;

You can always call on me, I’ll always be waiting to hold You so tight;


I wonder if anyone thought like I;

That they have someone to turn too when they cry alone at night;

But did it ever once cross anyone of their minds;

That You made us in Your image, so You and I must be alike;


Jesus, please don’t cry alone again;

I’ll be here to help You ease the pain;

If You ever find Yourself within a another cloudy day;

Jesus just know I’ll be ever ready to hold You when tears start to break away;


You don’t need to cry alone anymore;

Like You may have so many times before;

I know in You I have everything, But Jesus You are The King Of All Kings, nobody can be Your Lord;

But I’ll be Your comfort if ever You need, You never have to cry alone again, when Your hearts broken and torn

Same Steps As Before

Dry tears, they don’t need wiping.
Broken heart beating as whole,
Pieces don’t need collecting.
Closed doors providing comfort,
They don’t need opening…
Cold winds hugging my soul,
I didn’t see signs saying “Warning”.
Living with death breaths; words that kill.
The smell of hunger as my signature,
Looking for what I have.
I cover you with rags of “I’m Sorry’s”,
Closed eyes looking at the bigger picture while writing love letters on the walls of my soul,
Ink as your blood as you bleed from the pain, I figure.
Tainted view of who I am, looking at myself through my name.
Selfishly singing the same tune,
“I love you”,
While still fighting with the same fume.
Stop walking lonely next to your love;
I know I’ll be home soon.