Lord, I’m Here You Need Not Cry Alone

sat one winters night in June, warming myself up near an old fire place;

I was Meditating on You my Lord and this thought crossed my mind while my heart started to break;

I put myself in Your shoes for a little while and wondered who You turned too when tears fell from Your face;

I thought to myself, I’m sure You think about all those souls that were lost to hells flame;


Without anybody knowing You’d silenty hide Yourself away;

As tears fell from Your beautiful eyes, I wondered to myself to whom did You turn;

You see whenever I’ve cried tears that would slowly burn;

I;ve always had You there to wipe them away and ease my concern;

As I imagined You all alone, while Heaven was filled with joy, happy souls never even knowing that behind Your veil of tangible Glory, You sat crying all alone;


So I lifted up my voice to heaven,  even if I was acting like fool and it wasn’t really that way, Jesus, there’s something I wanted You to know;

My precious Savior, if ever You cry, know I’ll always be there to dry your beautiful eyes;

And If there’s no one that You can call in broken hear-ted times;

You can always call on me, I’ll always be waiting to hold You so tight;


I wonder if anyone thought like I;

That they have someone to turn too when they cry alone at night;

But did it ever once cross anyone of their minds;

That You made us in Your image, so You and I must be alike;


Jesus, please don’t cry alone again;

I’ll be here to help You ease the pain;

If You ever find Yourself within a another cloudy day;

Jesus just know I’ll be ever ready to hold You when tears start to break away;


You don’t need to cry alone anymore;

Like You may have so many times before;

I know in You I have everything, But Jesus You are The King Of All Kings, nobody can be Your Lord;

But I’ll be Your comfort if ever You need, You never have to cry alone again, when Your hearts broken and torn


  1. Beautiful

  2. Thanks for the comment 🙂

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