Lover,Once Best Friend (7.11.84)

Girl it’s the smallest of things that bring me back to yesterday;

It’s not the big memories that make my heart break;

But those things I seemed to forget while you were mine;

They return like a flood within the confides of my lonely mind;


We met girl when we were both looking through childish eyes;

You needed to grow and so did I;

I wish we met today, perhaps we would have made it this time;

I’m a bit wiser, I’m a graduate of this place we call life;


Now perhaps we would fail but I’d sure like to try;

But I know you’ve moved on made a family with a new guy;

It’s hard to admit that you’re still one of the reasons I cry;

Your memory keeps me a hostage in bind;


In clubs spending banks full of cash till late at night;

Brushing five star stunners aside;

I’m sick of pointless one night stands;

When your the owner of this man’s foolish heart, hard to understand;


Even though I don’t understand the reasons why sometimes and it often makes me mad;

When your memory crashes into the sides of my heart like the sea into castles of sand;

I’ve tried to recover from our fall, I’m finally able to stand;

But I’m just a shadow of a man;


Hard to stand and watch another man love what was made just for me;

I put in all the work and he’s got all the benefits of our love story;

Seems so unfair but so goes life I guess so or that’s what I’ve come to see;

I wish for our younger days so what if the world said we ain’t meant to be;


Girl whenever your birthday comes around, I still wish upon a star;

Hoping my wish reaches you wherever you now are;

7.11.84 you stopped loving me a week after you left;

I kept loving you and it still hasn’t come to an end;


I just wish I had one last chance, one more moment in time my friend;

I wish you gave me a reason why we came to a sudden end;

Perhaps I could have changed whatever it was so we could be in love again;

Even though you’re long over me girl, I’m still missing my lover and once best friend.


  1. uhmm yeah! oh I’m speechless. poetry is food to my soul and this piece was a great feed. love it!

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