Archives for April 9, 2013

Dear Friend *oxymoron*

What is it that offends you so?

Is it the genuine smile on sight that scorns your eyes.
The warmth of my embrace that scorches your skin.
The enthusiastic enquiries that grates your mind.
The happy tunes hummed from my lips that screeches in your ear.
The gum i chew that pops your mood.

The job i do that fills my curious hours with satisfaction that drains yours.
My passion for dancing that fills my energetic hours with satisfaction that drains yours.
The comfort I enjoy from knowing my own self that robs you of the same pleasure.
The love i wear for Love,Life and Lord that fails your fashion taste.

Or is it simply me?

Divine Interventions

Screeching wheels,
My life flashes before my eyes
I’m so close to the end I always perceived far.

My breaths get deeper and futher apart
The enemy whose face could has never been described is laughing before me,
His face is the last you’ll ever see.

I lay lifeless
I lay breathless
Ready to give back what had been lent to me,

Then he intervened
Silently yet so powerfull
I could never see his face but his presence I felt

Why I was spared I still wonder.