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Che, Luther, Biko, Malcolm, Hani…

Che, Luther, Biko, Malcolm, Hani…

Extraordinary, we don’t remember the ordinary.
It was for justice, life is not fair.
They wanted peace, they fought for it.
Their deaths, worth living for.
And the list goes on…

Why so few like them,
The rest pure opposites,
And us bystanders, to our own cause
I refuse.

I love you, I love every soul.
I’ve been enlightened, I will act.
Nobody has everything, together we have it all.
99 on the last breath, on the last thought,
Will you be satisfied.


I remember when we meet.
Everything was fine
You look at me
With a wondered eyes, asking
Yourself whether I will accept
Your love or not?

You told me more than thousand of times
That you love me
You said those words with a lovely voice,
Sometimes you smiled with fear

You cried for my love, until I agreed to say
I learned to love you while you were proposing
And I told myself that you’re a wonderful man, when
You deserve my love, but I was lying to myself.

In our home where I call it home, today it has
Turned into a jail, I get beaten every time you get home.
My body is weak, my soul is crying, my eyes are hurted
Cant up see it.
The beauty that you as yesterday today has become
Crushed, am like a trash because of you.

My lovely husband why?
I thought you loved me
But today I see all the reason why you lied to me.
You wanted to tear my heart, break my limbs,
Crush my beauty, all in my lovely
Husband turn into a monster.