Archives for April 10, 2013

Love Seeker

Love Seeker,
Seek no more
As seeking hearts give off a scary roar

The more you look,
the less you find.
And waiting for Mr Right will drive you out of your mind.

Lonely hearts have pride too,
they run when on demand
cause “love me” from some-one you cannot command

So hush your cries,
it will only make you weaker.
Keep strong my precious little Love Seeker.

4000 walls

I wandered the plaster path to nowhere
As always,
Counting the bricks of days,
Tracing my finger along the indent
Between them where the cement is lain.

How secure!
What a foundation!
‘The basest of bases’
I thought to myself as I
Counted the bricks of days
As always…

One two three four five six seven
And thought of that number
That made me ponder heaven
So I raised my eyes
To find
I had forgotten about the roof.

The cage growing
The house metastasize metastasize
The earth becomes a house and all grows
But me

…As the roof stretches across the sky
Blocking the stars
And the sun.

Brick by brick, I die
Moment to moment, I lie
Waiting for my bed to finally
Swallow me.

Window to window, I try.
Brick by brick, I die
As all goes by.

And the house metastasize metastasize.
The roof stretches across the sky
Blocking God.

The refrigerator feeds
On me, feeds on me
And I forget why
There are windows while I am blind.

The house live,
I die.

Sitting still and eyeing the fireplace
While the roof stretches across
The entire goddamn sky.