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Wanneer ek na jou beeld staar
sien ek almal wie ek het en ooit sal liefhê
en jou oë ‘n blou somerslug
wat die kern van my siel opwarm
Die albaster perfeksie van jou gelaat
bekroon jou glansende skoonheid
Jou uitlokkende mond trek my nader
om jou soet smaak te geniet
om jou geheime te raai
versteek agter ‘n enigmatiese glimlag
Jy is soos ‘n geheime rendezvous
begeer deur almal
Tyd kan nie gedifineer word nie
want jy is oneindigend
in jou vryheid
Gesig van my geliefde
die aangesig van liefde


When I gaze upon your countenance
I see all who I have and will still love
and your eyes a blue summer sky
warming the very core of my being
The alabaster perfection of your skin
crowning your lustrous beauty
Your inviting mouth drawing me in
to savour your sweet taste
to guess at your secrets
hidden behind an enigmatic smile
You are like a secret rendezvous
hankered after by all
Time cannot be defined
for you are infinite
in your freedom
Face of my beloved
the face of love

Inspired by:
The Face of Love, by Ingrid Jonker

No Pain Just Go Insane

Being the very best is hard…
it means you must walk the extra yard…
never give up…just never give in….stay true to who you are….you are the one who sets the bar …set you’re mind to it…..within you’re hart you will do it…don’t be afraid to fail…….if you’re soul is strong you will prevail ….if you fall ,get back up and keep walking tall

wild times

broke as shit…my financial status about to make me flip..down a jaga,,go on a wild trip…..hit the rollette …4 out of 4 neva to regret .on my way home as the thickness of my wallet has grown…think ill make it now,luck on my side,rainman the one whom made me more wise,thank you for the riches,thank you for keeping it within the triple digits ……..let it rain….let it fall as money keeps us walking tall….we are free,,,we can now see…face it without fear..face it with no regret wich always ends with a tear…

A Set I won’t forget…

Must I bathe you in clouds of sulphur?
Can I comb your blonde hair with barbed wire?
Will you let me decorate you with towers of death?
May I just look at you through the smoke?

You, eternal sunshine, cannot shine through the thick smoke,
And I, mere earth, am seeking your glinting rays.
The world, drowning in oil and smoke, cannot see your virtue and kindness,
For 15 foot cold concrete, mortar and bricks are all too greedy.

Must I feel your pain?
Can I help carry your burden?
Will I ever see your face again?
May it be a set I won’t ever forget?

The night, evil and cold, is taking your place.
And mankind will forget your face.
But when you have passed on to the universe,
All of mere earth shall weep and fall.


I find myself alone with you,

Late at night whilst the world sleeps.

Sometimes I love just being alone,

Spending time in your presence reminds me who I am.

Other times I hate your honesty,

You make me realize life’s ugly truths.

It was you who taught me to be this way,

You opened my eyes to the depths of my soul.

You are my oldest friend,

But my biggest regret is letting you in…

Now I live for your cold embrace,

Because only you can understand me.

– Written by Lauren Anne Pascal, 2011


When I look into your eyes,
I can see my soul…
Because your heart and mine,
Are one and the same.
It is as if, with one look,
You make the whole world disappear.

When I am with you,
I feel as if nothing else matters…
And when you are gone,
I feel like I could die a thousand sordid deaths
Just to get back to your arms.

I have never loved someone this way.
A love that feels as if my life depends on it,
A love that gives me a serene understanding,
Of what true happiness can be.
You are a part of me,
Our souls intertwined in such a way,
That to lose you, would be to lose myself.

Hell to me, is not a fiery pit of torture beneath the heavens,
But an existence in which we are apart.

– By Lauren Anne Pascal, 2012

The Poorest Promise

The delicate voice of conscience called,
As I listened in the quietness of my soul;
There where secrets began to seep and overflow,
There where answers began to unfold;
Deep and damaging,
I had them received.

The serpent bit. I was his prey.
Wading through erroneous emotions;
Years wasted on a festering foundation;
Shaken by truth,
Awakened by the poorest promise.

It’s a place I never wanted to revisit,
But the fire burnt through,
And built an entrapping hedge;
I could no longer breathe;
Arrested in the heat of all the blank spaces,
And everything else in between.

It manifested like a man-sized,
Mannequin beast;
Hurled careless words
that cut deeper than a knife;
Like fighters in the rain,
Raw, lethal and exposed.

The power of an undivided heart;
In the thickness of the night;
Such a priceless theft,
Of the cheapest known vow;
Retreating to advance,
But never to be visited again.


you’ve neva been a 100, but that’s ok
coz im 120 so ur 80 is ok
im not referring to beauty or IO scores
im simply referring to the basic laws
laws of attraction is what im talking about
the laws we cannot do without
no scientific assessment can detect
but im fairly certain that my hypothesis is correct-
you impair my ability to protect my heart
you were my weakness right from the start
this might sound silly or even insane
but at least my heart wasn’t taken in vain
you gave me the courage to be strong
and vanquished everything that doesn’t belong

The glass

I am an empty glass
Completely useless
Until a substance occupies the hollowness
Only than the glass becomes significant
For certain objects are worthless when independent
One cannot adequately perform its function without the other
For the value of a jar is determined by its content
They need more than oxygen employed by default
They need compatible physical presence that gives meaning,
Gives purpose,
For a glass loses its meaning when incapable of transporting wine –
Wine can be drunk out of its bottle
But, it will betray the elegance wine-tasting requires
Thus, the wine needs the glass
Just as the glass needs the wine to do what it is engineered to do.
So please, occupy my empty heart
For your absence gives birth to my insignificance

My love for you

The passage of time improves the quality of wine
The same applies for my love for you
My love for you deepens with the rise of the sun
The moon and stars will gladly testify to confirm that
what I feel for you is infinite
My love for you cannot be calculated, not because of its abstract nature,
but because a word that gives justice to my feelings have not yet been invented-
for a descriptive measure such as a light-year is too small to make an accurate assumption of the value of my love for you
Galaxies can occupy the space between us,
yet you’ll still feel the warmth of my love
For my love for you knows no boundaries, nothing can prohibit my love not even death
Even when beauty fades and passion subsides I will still look at you with the very same eyes
Time might mutilate and diminish your love for me…..but my love for you will survive the brutal seasons of this world