In time

Time kissed my hand
In attempt to comport my straying heart.
Held me warmly close to its heart
Beating slowly in a calm harmony.

Time walked beside me
Keeping me calm, making me smile.
Yet my heart leapt over the mind
That continued to lead me nowhere.

Time slipt away from me
Close my eyes and hand me a rose,
Blow me into an existence of broken clocks
Where time stands still at my demand

Time smiled at me
And said I will be fine.
I suffered the fate of mistakes
That caught up with my presence.

Time did more than shake my grounds
Reminding me of all I passed through
With not a scratch but lessons learned
All I knew held me hostage until I made peace.

Time taught, time loved,
Time spoke, comforted and healed.
Time smiled more than it frowned at me
Through it, in it and with it
I grew and came to know
That life happens in time…

By: Missty 2012

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