4000 walls

I wandered the plaster path to nowhere
As always,
Counting the bricks of days,
Tracing my finger along the indent
Between them where the cement is lain.

How secure!
What a foundation!
‘The basest of bases’
I thought to myself as I
Counted the bricks of days
As always…

One two three four five six seven
And thought of that number
That made me ponder heaven
So I raised my eyes
To find
I had forgotten about the roof.

The cage growing
The house metastasize metastasize
The earth becomes a house and all grows
But me

…As the roof stretches across the sky
Blocking the stars
And the sun.

Brick by brick, I die
Moment to moment, I lie
Waiting for my bed to finally
Swallow me.

Window to window, I try.
Brick by brick, I die
As all goes by.

And the house metastasize metastasize.
The roof stretches across the sky
Blocking God.

The refrigerator feeds
On me, feeds on me
And I forget why
There are windows while I am blind.

The house live,
I die.

Sitting still and eyeing the fireplace
While the roof stretches across
The entire goddamn sky.

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