Pain smile too

I lived to know the beauty of pain,
my smile growing thicker as I cried harder,
the ache in my chest pounding through to my head hurt so much that I laughed.
How I have grown to become one with my tribulations brought me into the presence of peace.
I clung to the sweat and tears tensely so that I would never forget
how my pain truly groomed me into a passionate combatant.
I will never yield in battle, nor will I rest my weapon down at war,
surrender stands as no option.
In a fierce brawl for a better tomorrow I hold out all stops.
moving to the beat of my racing heart with anticipation,
I danced solo to my heart’s desire loving the anxiety.

Caressed by the seductive nature of being hurt,
I loved to live through it so I could tell the tale of its sweetness.
Longing to become one with the stillness of agony,
where silent cries that land on ears that hear but ignorantly choosing to be deaf.
I was swung right back into that what brought me to all this… pain.
In spite of all and how pulverised my little heart was; like a teenage girl I fell in.
I laughed loudly and wildly at the teary face in the mirror.
How I have come to understand you for leaving me in a well lit dark alley,
where hope finds no home but rests its weary head on my pounding chest,
music undefined, soothing and true.

My pain will never lie yet so brash and comforting it only tells me that this too shall pass.
Tomorrow borrows the troubles of today
Though today will be yesterday and tomorrow today;
trouble remains a permanent guest and my smile; my best friend.
With all my might and all my heart I came to see pain’s smile,
to understand the benefit of open wounds, deep and oozing blood.
The silver linings and lights beyond the tunnels were make believe,
because the bare truth is that it stays with me to remind me and be my friend.
Thank you for being a part of me I carry like a trophy, proudly and glad.

* * *

Written by Missty

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