Redemption. The strength to forgive the self
that brought you to distraction.
I live to sing a song of hope to unravel
that ignored pain deep within me suppressed by false happiness
and overpowered by the clamour of a dull cymbal.
We carry pain inside hoping it would fade too
with the colours of our bloodshot eyes.

Hold my soul in your hand and don’t let it go.
Make me see gladness I never witnessed before.
Teach me how to breathe air of love and peace
carrying me on the wings of passion letting me live love.
Seek through my heart and find me
in the darkness of my sworn hatred.
I saw peace in the eyes of a child,
stole it, kept it and cared completely.

True life runs in my veins with pure blood
gushing with energy and ambition
not yielding nor accepting failure as the final result.
I pursue my desire like my name and triumph.
Coming out stronger with grazed knees and bruised feet.
Life moves into me like a fresh morning breeze.

* * *

Written by Missty

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