Say if happiness could be bottled

Say if happiness could be bottled
I would place this feeling in a tight bottle,
under a firm seal it would last forever.
Like a light breeze brushing over my brown skin
suddenly my world was in total peace.
Joy found from blessings that rain,
cool as water from a shaded fountain.
A sigh, a smile, an uncontrollable laugh
found me at random times to remind me.

Days will remain the same
even in terror and deep sorrow,
joy will stay with me all my days
to wipe my tears and give me peace.
“Smile”, said a mysterious voice without a face,
“all will be well with you.”
Who could have known such relief from a few words?
The similarities of routine days so different,
true, no two days are the same.

I am content in myself, with myself.
Loving the woman that I have become,
whole and full of life flowing freely.
Loving completely, a heart bruised but will never stop.
In this, just as it is better days move closer.
A spirit with so much faith,
strong like the woman who houses it…
Living, loving and laughing.

* * *
Written by: Missty

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